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Why WaspBane?

Quite simply because it is the only wasp trap proven to reduce rather than increase the number of wasps persisting in the area to be protected so unlike other wasp traps it actually helps get rid of your wasp problem rather than make it worse. If a picture is worth a thousand words then have a look at the video clip below;

Please note: WaspBane is effective against vespine wasps (Vespula, Dolichovespula and Vespa species) including the common wasp, the European wasp and the Euro wasp. These wasps are usually found in colder climates such as the UK. WaspBane is not effective against paper wasps (Polistes species) which are found in warmer climates such as the Mediterranean. You can check to see what kind of wasp you have by clicking here:

Here’s an interesting fact. The vast majority of people who are stung are stung by nuisance wasps outdoors around food or drink.

In scientific testing WaspBane reduced risk by over 97.5% compared to other wasp traps*.

That’s why major theme parks, zoos and attractions choose WaspBane.

See for yourself how WaspBane compares with other traps and why WaspBane is the safe choice compare other traps compare WaspBane.

That’s why WaspBane has become the trap of choice for professional pest controllers.

The WaspBane wasp trap is probably the safest wasp trap in the world which makes it ideal for domestic use.

WaspBane is real value for money and not just because it really works. Because WaspBane lasts all season long without the need for rebaiting or cleaning it actually works out cheaper in the long run than other traps that have to be cleaned and rebaited every few days and because you don’t have to handle it there’s far less risk of being stung. WaspBane is genuinely the trap that you set and forget that allows you to enjoy a wasp free summer without all the fuss!**

The WaspBane wasp trap is easy to use but doesn’t work like other traps. The measure of a good wasp trap is NOT how many wasps it kills but how well it removes wasps from the area you want to protect. For best results please follow the information provided. The ‘hints and tips’ section will help you get the most from your WaspBane wasp trap.

WaspBane Consumer Presentation

The consumer presentation of the WaspBane wasp trap has all the information needed for average domestic use.

Professional and commercial use of the WaspBane wasp trap requires a more detailed understanding of Integrated Wasp Management. Whilst the WaspBane wasp trap is virtually 100% efficient it still has to be used properly to be effective. In the professional setting, the WaspBane wasp trap has to be used as part of Integrated Wasp Management. So in addition to providing a unique high efficiency trap, WaspBane is also recognised as the home of Integrated Wasp Management.  WaspBane is accredited to provide training to professional pest controllers participating in the BASIS PROMPT scheme for continued professional development. Registration on this or similar schemes is a requirement of servicing membership of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). Used as part of Integrated Wasp Management, the WaspBane wasp trap regularly reduces sting rates by over 99%.

Pest controllers wishing to learn about Integrated Wasp Management can do so for free by registering with WaspBane.

WaspBane – Saving summer – Saving lives!

* Results based on wasp persistence studies.
** When used in accordance with the instructions provided.