4.1 Business Use

When used as part of Integrated Wasp Management, the WaspBane wasp trap drastically reduces risk from nuisance wasps both for patrons and employees alike. Not only does the WaspBane wasp trap help protect patrons and staff, it has another massive benefit for businesses that provide outdoor catering. Reducing nuisance wasps creates an environment conducive to the social enjoyment and consumption of food and drink. In such a relaxed ambience not only do patrons spend more, they also attract more custom. There is nothing worse than an empty beer garden at the height of summer or patrons vowing never to return just because of an unnecessary and wholly manageable nuisance wasp problem.

Businesses interested in purchasing or using the WaspBane wasp trap are invited to contact the WaspBane office. Alternatively please use the enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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