5.2 WaspBane Risk Index

To help PCOs quantify risk when conducting IWM site surveys WaspBane has introduced the following risk standard based on sampling locations with a primed WaspBane wasp trap baited with 400ml sweet lager + 400ml water + 150g pourable honey using dynamic interruption trapping.

WaspBane risk index:

Unacceptable risk = 2 or more wasps in 5 mins or visible evidence of swarm feeding

High risk = 2 or more wasps in 10mins

Moderate risk = 1 wasp in 15mins

Low risk = 1 wasp in 1 hour

Negligible risk = 1 wasp in 4 hours

The purpose of introducing this standard is to provide a common reference scale to help describe and provide a common understanding of the extent of any given wasp infestation.