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WaspBane, Unit 2,
Cardinal Park,
PE29 2XN



+44 (0)1480 414644






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  1. Payment not accepted for my order tonight without a credit card problem my end – no idea why, and no explanation forthcoming. Hidden logout procedure, too. Overall, not the easiest site to navigate, which you really need to sort out. I am now forced to telephone you tomorrow to proceed with my order and ensure it isn’t double-ordered! I’ve ordered successfully from you each year for the past three years or more, but doing it online is hard…!

    • Dear Mochoman,

      Thank you for advising us of the problem you’ve experienced purchasing through our website. We apologise that you have had difficulties. This will be investigated today. We will also check to ensure that your account has not been debited for any failed purchase attempts.

      Please forward your telephone number to info@waspbane.com so that we can call you to avoid you incurring telephone charges. Once we have resolved the problem we will delete your telephone number and not use it for any other purpose. We do not cold call or send out spam.

      We understand that the website shop is not the easiest of sites to navigate. However, WaspBane is a scientifically developed trap that requires a certain degree of knowledge to use effectively. When we simplify the website to make purchase easier we receive more complaints about the product not working because customers are not made aware of important information relating to the way the product works and how it is to be used.

      Kind regards,


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