4.2 Duty of Care

The WaspBane wasp trap represents a significant shift in the science and technology of trapping wasps. When used in combination with Integrated Wasp Management, the WaspBane wasp trap has consistently reduced sting rates wherever it has been deployed. Significantly, this reduction in sting rates frequently exceeds 99% when compared with other traps. What does this mean for businesses? Well, it’s a two edged sword. The good news is that outdoor catering revenues go up. When people can sit in comfort and enjoy a conducive wasp free eating and drinking environment then they naturally spend more. Packed outdoor food courts and beer gardens act as natural magnets and there is no greater advert for a catering outlet than a busy outdoor garden. The bad news is that businesses providing outdoor catering now have to respond to a new set of duty of care obligations. Historically, nuisance wasps were treated as an Act of God because there was little that could be done to control them. Now however, the consistently good results from the WaspBane wasp trap when used as a part of Integrated Wasp Management means that businesses need to give very careful consideration to how they manage their wasp problem.