9.3 Safety


Wasps are dangerous insects and kill many people each year.

 The following information is provided for your own safety:

DO NOT rebait or handle the WaspBane wasp trap if you have or believe you may have an allergy to wasp stings.

DO NOT place the WaspBane wasp trap in the immediate area where you wish to protect people. The WaspBane wasp trap should be used to intercept wasps to help prevent them reaching such areas.

DO NOT allow the WaspBane wasp trap to capture wasps in excess of the safe capacity level.

DO NOT over tighten the vapour chamber collar.

NEVER attempt to remove any of the safety features of the WaspBane wasp trap including but not limited to the self sealing mechanism or safety seal.

NEVER attempt to clean out and refill a WaspBane bait chamber. Dead wasps can still inflict a passive sting and can still cause anaphylactic reactions. WaspBane bait chambers are strictly intended for disposal.

NEVER attempt to disassemble a WaspBane wasp trap when there are live wasps in the WaspBane wasp trap and the WaspBane wasp trap has caught wasps in excess of the safe capacity level. To do so may draw and release mobile wasps through the safety seal.

NEVER tamper with the WaspBane vapour chamber collar. Once removed from the vapour chamber the collar should never be reaffixed because there is a risk that the snap secure claw of the collar could be damaged which could lead to inadvertent release of captured wasps.

ALWAYS make sure someone else is watching you when you have to handle or disassemble a WaspBane wasp trap.

ALWAYS check the vapour chamber is free from wasps before removing it from the bait chamber. If any wasps are present, cover (only) the vapour chamber with a dark cloth or WaspBane vapour chamber sleeve and leave until all the wasps in the vapour chamber fly into the bait chamber before proceeding.

ALWAYS swirl the WaspBane wasp trap before disassembling to make sure any wasps resting on the underside of the safety seal in the neck of the bait chamber become dislodged into the bait liquid.

ALWAYS remove the lid from the vapour chamber of the WaspBane wasp trap first to have it ready to seal the bait chamber when disassembling the WaspBane wasp trap.

ALWAYS stand the WaspBane wasp trap on a flat surface when removing the vapour chamber.

ALWAYS wear loose clothing that covers as much of your body as possible when working with the WaspBane wasp trap making sure that shirt collars and sleeves are properly done up.

ALWAYS use a secure fastening when suspending the WaspBane wasp trap.

ALWAYS keep the WaspBane wasp trap away from children.

WHENEVER possible disassemble WaspBane wasp traps when wasps are not active for example at dusk or early in the morning but make sure you have sufficient light to see properly.


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