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Integrated Wasp Management Seminars;

We are delighted to announce that the WaspBane seminars on IWM are now worth 10 cpd points with BASIS PROMPT.

WaspBane seminars for 2017 started in February. The next available dates are:

5th April 2017

26th April 2017

18th May 2017

Further dates will be published in due course.

Please note that seminars are by arrangement. If the available date(s) are not convenient then please ask the office for alternative dates that suit you and we will try to organise the seminar on those dates.

Book your place by calling 01480 414644 or e-mail

Non-Pest Control Seminars:

Due to popular demand and referrals from pest controllers, WaspBane is now offering seminars direct to the catering and leisure industries. Seminars can be held either at the offices of WaspBane or alternatively on site.

(Please note that WaspBane does not offer a pest control service. The seminars are aimed at businesses wanting to better understand how they need to contribute to make Integrated Wasp Management work for them. Fees and terms and conditions apply. )

For more information or to book your place call 01480 414644 or e-mail