6.1 Bee Keeping Endorsement

“These are pictures that I took of my WaspBane traps in September 2013. I reconstituted the traps following the instructions provided, i.e. one can of lager with equal amount of water plus 100g of honey.

The protection pattern I followed was: In mid July I closed the entrances down to about an inch and in late July when I saw the first Wasp about mounted the WaspBane trap on one of the hives in a group of three.

This is the second year I have used WaspBane and on both occasions they have been very successful and will be looking to reorder next year with two more for my other Apiaries and replacement bait chambers for the two traps that I already have.”

Tom Done;  Somerset

The WaspBane wasp trap has been extensively tested in apiaries to establish safety and efficacy. The following is an endorsement of the use of WaspBane in the protection of bee hives. Please note that when used as a part of Integrated Wasp Management, WaspBane has successfully protected bee hives such that to date there have been no reported losses of hives where WaspBane has been used. Bee keepers are invited to report any hive losses where WaspBane has been deployed so that a full investigation can be launched to establish the cause of any failure.

The bee keeping endorsement shows the wasps caught by the WaspBane wasp trap whilst protecting bee hives at Parslow Apiaries in Buckinghamshire. Please note that the WaspBane wasp trap also caught substantial numbers of wax moths.

Bee Keeper Endorsement