2.0 About WaspBane

As a company we evolved out of the NHS and our primary business is making special medicines to order for sick patients throughout the UK including babies and neonates at hospitals such as Alder Hey. As a health care company, we have been dedicated to the health and well being of patients since 1985 when we were still part of the NHS. It was pure chance that we became involved with and developed the WaspBane wasp trap. However, we believe that the WaspBane wasp trap fits perfectly within our company profile because to our mind, it is still a health care product. The WaspBane wasp trap helps protect people from wasps and prevention is always far better than cure. It is our objective to not only help protect people but also to reduce the burden on the NHS. Hundreds of thousands of patients seek medical attention from the NHS every year for wasp stings. At a time when the NHS needs to save every penny we think it’s a good idea to reduce unnecessary sting rates so that money in the NHS can be directed to needy patients.

WaspBane – Saving summer – Saving lives!