2.2.1 Assembly

For routine domestic use, the WaspBane wasp trap comes with dry bait powders. The bait powders are not an attractant. They are food grade materials whose purpose is to keep the bait liquid you add to the trap fresh so that the WaspBane wasp trap lasts all season long. The WaspBane wasp trap is easy to assemble. Simply follow the instruction leaflet provided with the WaspBane wasp trap or watch the assembly video below:

Assembly Instructions:

1. Remove the lid from the bait chamber and screw onto the vapour chamber.

2. Remove and discard the silica sachet from the top of the bait chamber.

3. Press down on the funnel tube to open the rubber seal to the bait chamber. Do not push the funnel tube too far otherwise it will fall in the and the self sealing seal will close.

4. Take the activator sachet and cut it open with a pair of scissors. Pour the contents of the sachet into the bait chamber.

5. Pour the bait liquid into the bait chamber to the fill mark on the label. DO NOT fill the bait chamber to the ‘SAFE CAPACITY’ mark embossed on the bait chamber wall.

5.1 If you plan to use the recommended bait of equal parts lager and water and approximately 100 to 150g of honey, then pour in the honey first making sure not to trap any honey in the fins of the green safety seal insert. Then pour the lager to rinse away any residues of honey. Finally pour in the water to rinse away any residues of lager.

6. Engage the vapour chamber by pushing the nozzle of the vapour chamber into the bait chamber seal. This will force the funnel tube to fall into the chamber as intended. The funnel tube is used as an agitator to help mix the bait.

7. Once the vapour chamber is engaged, do up the green collar to secure the vapour chamber to the bait chamber. DO NOT over tighten the collar.

8. Mix the bait by swirling the trap.

9. If any bait liquid is spilled on the outside of the WaspBane wasp trap then it must be washed off with water otherwise wasps will not enter the trap until the spilled bait is first consumed.

10. The WaspBane wasp trap is now ready to be set.

To see the Assembly Instruction video please click the link below:

To see the Assembly Instruction Leaflet please click the link below:

Assembly Instruction Leaflet UK 2007.pdf