2.2.4 Endorsements

Without doubt, the greatest endorsement for the WaspBane wasp trap is that it has become the trap of choice for professional pest controllers and major theme parks and zoos. The WaspBane wasp trap can be seen protecting Alton Towers, Legoland and Centre Parcs to name just a few. The reason is simple. These brilliant parks and zoos want you to have a fantastic time – one that you won’t forget for all the right reasons. That’s why they use the WaspBane wasp trap so that wasps don’t spoil the magic of what they have to offer.

If you haven’t already visited these parks then we would like to commend them to you!




The WaspBane wasp trap has undergone extensive testing in many different settings. Below are the endorsements from some of the early tests.

Domestic Use Endorsement

Domestic Use Endorsement – Protecting a Patio

The domestic endorsement shows the wasps caught by the WaspBane wasp trap whilst protecting a patio area from wasps drawn into the area by a neighbours pear tree.

Theme Park Endorsement

Childrens’ Theme Park Endorsement – Gullivers Land

The theme park endorsement shows the wasps caught by the WaspBane wasp trap protecting Gulliver’s Land Theme Park in Milton Keynes.

Bee Keeper Endorsement

Bee Keeper Endorsement

The bee keeping endorsement shows the wasps caught by the WaspBane wasp trap whilst protecting bee hives at Parslow Apiaries in Buckinghamshire. Please note that the WaspBane wasp trap also caught substantial numbers of wax moths.