2.2.6 Ecology/Environment

Wasps are an incredibly important insect and do many good things that we benefit from (see section 3.1 Wasp Benefits and 3.3 Wasp Life Cycle). The WaspBane wasp trap is a sophisticated scientifically developed wasp trap which works to manage wasps rather than eradicate them. When set at the correct time of year the WaspBane wasp trap will only catch nuisance wasps, i.e. those worker wasps that are already in decline and are starting to starve. The WaspBane wasp trap does not specifically target queen wasps and the bait system does not use sex pheromones to attract them. It is important that the WaspBane wasp trap is not set in spring otherwise it may catch queens and whole areas may be denuded from wasps. This risks a backlash of other insect pests including pests which damage crops and flowers and pests which spread disease such as ticks and mosquitos. Moreover, because the WaspBane wasp trap is a high efficiency trap it only has to kill a relatively small number of scouting wasps to get rid of a wasp problem.

In routine domestic use the WaspBane wasp trap has been shown not catch other beneficial insects such as honey bees and bumble bees.

The WaspBane wasp traps is pesticide, toxin and pheromone free. The bait powders which are provided with the trap are food grade materials which means that the WaspBane wasp trap may be disposed off in domestic waste. The WaspBane wasp trap is manufactured from K-resin, polypropylene, natural rubber and pvc. These plastics have been chosen for the safe performance of the trap. The vapour chamber may be recycled and it is suggested that the collar is separated from the vapour chamber before recycling. For reasons of safety the bait chamber should not be recycled as this may expose people to wasps.

The WaspBane wasp trap contains no UV stabilizers because there is a risk that they may attract bees.