2.4.2 WaspBane High Efficiency Trap

The WaspBane wasp trap is a high efficiency wasp trap which means it kills virtually 100% of the wasps that it catches. It is important to understand that the WaspBane wasp trap works differently to other wasp traps. There are two techniques for using the WaspBane wasp trap.


The WaspBane wasp trap is sited down wind of the area to be protected to intercept scouting wasps to stop them finding food in the protected area and to stop them reporting that food back to their nest. In the following video clip you will see the WaspBane wasp trap protecting a patio area which is sited to the right of the WaspBane wasp trap. The WaspBane wasp trap was placed on a shed roof such that the prevailing wind was blowing from the right (i.e. the patio area) towards the trap. Scouting wasps can be seen flying from the left towards the right, i.e. up and along the scent trail. The WaspBane wasp trap then ‘intercepts’ these scouting wasps. Please note how ‘quiet’ the WaspBane wasp trap is. This is because all of the scouts have been caught and therefore cannot communicate the position of the trap or the patio back to their nest and as such there is no swarm feeding. In routine use, high efficiency traps only have to kill a few scouting wasps for you to be wasp free.


When scouting wasps find food they will communicate that food back to the nest and this results in swarm feeding. Moreover, wasps are programmed to keep coming back to the exact same food source until it is completely consumed. In this following clip, wasps were found swarm feeding on syrup spilled on the outside of the bulk container around the black cap. Before setting the WaspBane wasp trap the syrup was first washed away using a pressure jet hose. Please notice how wasps keep returning to where they were expecting the syrup to be and at first totally ignore the WaspBane wasp trap. After a time the wasps realise that there is no more syrup and then start looking for an alternative food source. It is at this point that they detect the aroma given off by the WaspBane wasp trap and they then get caught in the trap. You will notice how effective the WaspBane wasp trap is at removing the swarm. Once the swarm has been removed the WaspBane wasp trap will return to its normal quiet interception mode of working.

The WaspBane wasp trap is probably the safest wasp trap in the world. It does not cause swarm feeding. It keeps wasps isolated from users at all times and it works for the whole season. WaspBane is the wasp trap that you set and forget!

WaspBane – Saving summer – Saving lives!